Student Support

We are committed to ensuring that you get all the support you need to be successful in your studies.

If you are experiencing any difficulties CAC has a range of options available to support you in your studies.

Some of the services available to you at no additional cost are:
• Academic support sessions
• Academic writing sessions
• Additional tutoring
• Counselling

If your needs are greater than the capability of our available free support resources, CAC may need to refer you to an external service. Where possible CAC will support you at no cost to find an external service that does not charge additional fees. Where this is not possible, any additional charges associated with accessing the external service will be at your own cost and will vary between providers.

Mental health and counselling support services

 If you are an international student having a challenging time, it is okay to seek help and support.

There are many services and resources available. Some of these are available in different languages and with a tailored approach to supporting international students.

If you need help, contact the student support at your education institution or reach out to these organizations.

You can also explore the Lived Experience Mental Health ToolkitExternal Link developed for international students with the support of Study NSW.

Refer to the Study NSW website.

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