• Health

    • All international students are required to have overseas health cover (OSHC)
    • Students should identify the closest provider that accepts their chosen health cover, so that in an emergency, you will know where to go
    • Students should also carry their OSHC membership card with them at all times, in case of emergency
  • Emergencies

    In Australia, if there’s a life-threatening emergency, call 000 (zero zero zero). It’s a free call, even from your mobile. An operator will answer and will ask which of the following services you need:

    • Police
    • Fire
    • Ambulance
  • Australian Laws

  • Sun Safety

    The levels of ultraviolet radiation UVR) from the sun are high enough to damage your skin all year round, so it is important to use the five recommended sun protection methods whenever you are outside.

    • Slip on a shirt
    • Slop on broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen
    • Slap on a broad-brimmed hat
    • Seek shade
    • Slide on some sunglasses
  • Beach Safety